I'm Maxime Lamaison

& I'm a recreative developer

From France

I'm years old

I like:

i Am:

a Music Junkie
a Sporty Guy
a Crazy Programer

When I am not hacking on not-so-random web project, you can find me watching movies, riding my skateboard, hanging out with my friends, travelling the world, or hacking on some random web project.

I'm pretty good with:


I learnt by myself all the skills to produce clean, semantic and tidy code in HTML5.


And I also make responsive, mobile and friendly designs for website.


Fine functionality with a minimum of fuss. I'm beginning to be a Javascript Ninja


I also can mix Javascript with JQuery to pull off more impressive and interactive sites, while cutting down on development time.

I'm not to shabby with this either:


I believe Angular is one of the most powerful JS framework, and probably the future of front-end development.


Although my passion is front end, I've got the backend skills to back it up. Having a grasp of server side scripting makes for great AJAX functionality.


I know how to run the train on Rails but also how to sing with Sinatra.


When I knew about NodeJS, I was sure I would be good. This website made with it proved it to me!

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You can send me an email through this address:

Other details:

+33 6 33 23 80 37

I'm living in Paris, France

It's now (GMT+1)